Sunday, February 17, 2013


Don't know why it took me until this year to come to this idea, but here it is.  I just completed 3 different printmaking projects, 2 of which were incised (drawn into Styrofoam trays).  So, once the kiddos ink away, I'm left with 120 or so styrofoam trays which can either be sent home (why?) or tossed (sad).  So, I kept em.  I knew that I had some glazing and painting coming up, and thought I could just used the trays one more time before they meet the trash can.  It works well, but the advice I'll give is that you may want to tell the kids not to scrape their paintbrush around on the tray (picking up residue from the ink).

I use Mayco Wonderglazes-they have the clear coat in them, and the colors really turn out well.

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