Sunday, November 24, 2013

Magazine Turkeys and a little Mask

My Kindergarteners are proving a bit needy of some cutting and gluing practice (as well as some basic listening/direction following skills), so I channeled the Turkey Day energy that's been buzzin' for this project.  It started with just basic cutting/gluing to create the body, wings, feet and beaks.  I had the brown and orange paper pre-cut, and they followed along with me.  For the feathers, I pre-sized some magazine pages into manageable pieces.  They used those to create feathers.  I encouraged ovals, but some got a bit rectangular.  The kiddos seemed to really enjoy this project- especially the ones who got cartoon scraps. 

 Also, my 3rd Graders have been working on clay masks and I just had to share.  Below, one student begins the painting process.  (I use acrylic- it's messy danger, but it looks great on clay!)  The other is by a boy who clearly loves making masks.  It's so rewarding when you finally find the thing that excites a hesitant student!  When we paint, I set up paint stations.  The kids move their mask to the station, rather than me pouring paint for every table that may or may not be used.  I have a student with Autism, and traveling is not in her best interest- I allowed her to stay at her seat with color choices.

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