Thursday, April 24, 2014

Coil Pots

I love the coil pots- or at least I have loved this lesson since learning to have the kiddos press their coils into the inner walls of a terra cotta flower pot.  It gives the students the safety net they need to practice a variety of coils, and building.  And, mostly, they all turn out.  Amazing how some are determined to make this much more difficult than it actually is.  All of that aside, it is a fun, colorful lesson just right for spring.  (I use Mayco Stroak N Coat glazes, they fire well, are true to color, and come in a variety of great colors.  Also, a little goes a long way.)

In other news, the 4th graders have been weaving.  Have you visited Cassie Stephen's blog?  Pop on over for a lesson on weaving pouches.  I'm a big meanie- I make the kids take their own weavings off- they've been weaving with me since 1st grade, so I feel as if this should be attainable for them.

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