Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Sweet Art Project

In getting ready for my annual school-wide art show, typically held in March, my students and I used the heart as our jumping off point.  I was curious as a teacher to explore variations on such a simple theme, and Jim Dine is a very appropriate artist for elementary, and for February.  I did not foresee all of the snow we've had.  Our art show is now scheduled for early April. But, since I haven't seen my kids through 1/2 of February, and Spring Break is at the end of March-we're pressing on, and presenting our hearts in spring.

This little project was done with 2nd grade.  We drew a bunch of hearts.  The only rule was they had to show overlapping.  I did not care which way they turned them, and I even allowed stencils.  We then traced our designs with sharpie on overhead plastic, or acetate.  This allowed us to lay tissue on top, and trace pieces. Once we had the pieces traced, they were attached by spreading a thin layer of glue onto the acetate.  A large sheet of tissue covered the entire thing.  When the glue is COMPLETELY dry, the design can be peeled back off the plastic, and attached to white paper.  This gives it a stained glass look.  We constructed frames, and used black paint to add the contour lines.  The kids absolutely loved the look of it.  I like this project because it can be adapted to many themes- I've done ocean scenes with it as well.  All students can find a measure of success, because it is a lot of tracing.

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