Monday, April 20, 2015

Cinderella Story

The scope and sequence for my district this 9 weeks asks us to explore observational artwork with 1st grade.  Not an easy concept, and such a wide skill set with 1st grade.  Last year, I developed a neat little lesson which coincides with my 1st grade classroom teachers' exploration of Cinderella. (At least I think they do that).  Anyhow.  We start by learning the word observant, and taking a glance at a William Wegman book I have, where the dogs act out Cinderella.  Very wordy, but the pictures are cute, and it gets the idea of using humor to tell a story across.  We then take off a shoe- which the kids think is hysterical, and we draw it- being very observant, and trying to be as accurate as possible.  I have them trace with sharpie, color with crayon, and cut it out.  The sock/leg combo is added, and they write their name on the back- this is very important, because I then have them write 3 simple clues about themselves.  (I have green eyes, I have freckles, etc).  I then display the shoes and clues in the hallway, and we encourage those in the hallway to try to match the shoe to the artist.

The girl is in 1st grade-amazing when she's in the zone. 

Not sure if the hairy leg is funnier, or the fact that it's a girl...

She preferred pants to bare legs

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