Friday, May 15, 2015

Woven "Blankets"

Totally stole this from Pinterest, so if you are the awesome art teacher who thought this up, thanks so much!  It was a perfect end of the school year activity.  My first graders had to learn to weave with paper.  I'm sure we're all up to "here" with the rectangle checkerboard placemat.  I've made them into houses, We've drawn designs on them.  I've even seen them turned into a picnic basket picture (maybe next year).  But this year, after completing the weaving, I turned the kids loose with my scrap box and let them create their little heads poking out of the top of the "blanket".  What personality.  They really enjoyed this.  We had discussions regarding the way we sleep, that we don't always fall right asleep, not everyone sleeps on their back, etc.

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