Monday, April 27, 2015

Cinderella Stories

Part of the scope/sequence for this 9 weeks here in Nashville is Narrative Artwork with 1st grade.  Since we had used Cinderella as a jumping point for our observational shoe drawings, I decided to keep going with a good thing.  We talked about our favorite parts of the story- we summarized, talked about important details for particular parts.  We also had a quick talk about action, and using lines to show action.  Then, I turned them loose, and had them sketch out their scene.  When they came back the next session, I had the paints ready, and they just went to town,  Honestly, I haven't met a 1st grader who doesn't like to paint.  In their enthusiasm, the painted scenes were a little hard to decipher, so when they returned the next session, I had them trace their pencil lines with Sharpie.
Trying on the Slipper while the jealous step sisters look on. 

Preparing for the ball with the help of the Fairy Godmother

Running away at midnight

The loss of the slipper

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